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From v1 to v2

Remove Telegraf prefix

If you previously used decorators with the prefix Telegraf in the decorator name (such as @TelegrafOn() or @TelegrafHelp()) replace them with the same decorators but without the prefix Telegraf, such as @On(), @Start(), @Command() and so on.

@Update() decorator

Since v2, nestjs-telegraf looks for all update handlers only inside individual classes, under the @Update() decorator.

Previously, you could declare a handler anywhere, for example:

import { Injectable } from '@nestjs/common';
import { Command } from 'nestjs-telegraf';

export class CatsProvider {
  async helpCommand(ctx: TelegrafContext) {
    await ctx.reply('Meow.');  

Now you must explicitly bind the class, for Telegram Bot Api update handlers:

import { Update, Ctx } from 'nestjs-telegraf';

export class HelpUpdate {
  async helpCommand(@Ctx() ctx: TelegrafContext) {
    await ctx.reply('Help command.');  

Treat the @Update() decorator like the @Controller() decorator, but to capture Telegram Bot Api updates.